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HUEL: the future of student food?

We are a generation fascinated by food. We spend hours a day growing, buying, preparing and eating, and even longer obsessing over how we’re going to do it. Thousands in more developed countries require extra-wide plane seats and hospital beds, with their excessive consumption evident in the amount of “X’s” before the “L” in the waistband of their jeans.

White on white: why fashion needs to embrace colour

taken from The Yorker Issue 9: Style Quarterly print edition of
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Summer’s coming… 5 struggles every student faces

Summer term. Two words that can make any student break a sweat, and not just at the thought of endless hours gazing out of the library window at the glorious sunshine and the impending doom of exams, but for the myriad of other stressful things that summer brings…. University has made me a big fan of the jumper.

Review: My FitnessPal

There are hundreds of calorie-counting, workout-tracking apps out there at the moment, so what makes MyFitnessPal special? First of all, it is the controlling mother of all fitness apps; it’s like twitter for WeightWatchers. It wants to know how many glasses of water you’ve had, how many steps you’ve taken, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next update they add a Wee Count (amount?


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